After such a positive response to a New Years gram post (yes that forever 5 ago!), I decided that this was the year to get back to blogging. I think it’s time to share how we navigate the beauty of our family as well as the storms that give us character.

Looking back and owning issues gives us clarity on how to move forward. I couldn’t talk about last year and leave out my daughters divorce could I? Absolutely not. I can only express how I felt as a mother but owning it made the births of Cori and Avery that much sweeter.

I always see the cup half full…. never half empty. It’s my very own survival tactic. As a entrepreneur there is no other way. That full cup allows me the ability to own my truths to be able to focus on what’s ahead with intention. It’s the very fuel that breeds excitement and expectancy!

I hope that our family stories inspire you, entertain you and even give you one more perspective to contemplate:). I’m sure as I look back I’ll learn a few more things too. After all…… perspective is all in the view!

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