Gray is the New Black

It’s amazing how style has its own cycle. Take the shades of gray for instance. It’s like we discovered this beautiful new tone that we can’t get enough of when in fact a mere 27 years ago it was THE color. We may have added a little depth but it still reigns as the number one choice for rooms everywhere.

I choose it way back when….. then choose other colors for houses in between only to find myself hating the walls of my current home and trying to redo the entire thing a room at a time. If this is you too, take it slow….one project at a time. That’s what I’m doing, it’s much easier on the budget. Here are a few pictures of then and now…..

My work in progress. I still have to settle on a chandelier but the Lili Alessandra bedding is all done and I love it. Darrell could do without the million pillows but he’ll live:)

The round ottoman is the perfect solution because of all the babies that literally dominate this entire house… of course Megan Hess is the tray of choice (love her stuff!)

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